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Some thoughts about low back pain

Autumn is here but aren’t the days lovely and mild?  I am so enjoying the dry weather too as it means that I haven’t needed to wash a dirty dog much yet at all.  Funnily enough just thinking about bending over Obi for a prolonged period gives me sensations in my back – I wonder…

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What does ‘poor’ posture mean to you?

There is a lot of discussion about ‘good’ posture and ‘bad’ posture but what does this mean, and does it influence pain? Did you know that what we often think of as poor posture does not actually cause back pain? How we sit, stand and bend does not cause back pain even though these activities…

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Can I sleep the pain away?

We all know there are certain things we need to ensure a healthy lifestyle - eating the right food (including in the right amounts), getting enough exercise as well as making sure we’re getting enough sleep.  The difficulty is if we’re in pain (especially chronic pain) these can be harder for us to do. While…

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How gradual exposure to activity can help with pain relief

A lady that I have been working with said to me ‘so it’s all about exposure rather than avoidance’. I thought this was an excellent way to summarise what we had been talking about…a lot of people that suffer with persistent pain avoid doing what they would like to do as it stops them from…

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How acceptance can help with pain relief

Acceptance is a word that seems to come up a lot at the moment… An experience that I’ve had of acceptance came after having Covid in 2020.  Prior to this I was working hard and exercising 4-5 times a week without giving it a second thought.  I have experienced a lot of fatigue over the…

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Summer activities with longterm pain

I so enjoy summer! I really enjoy the warm, dry weather and the long days.  To me summer is all about being outside and being active - going for walks with my dog and husband along the river, going for a run in Richmond Park even doing some yoga in the garden.  They are all…

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Pain: what is it?

When pain doesn’t go away as expected, it can be stressful and debilitating.  Knowing that pain is a complex multi-dimensional experience and that it can be overcome gives hope. Most people suffer from pain in their lifetime.  Most injuries heal and pain disappears. Pain after an operation usually goes away as the body recovers. We…

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What is pain?

I really like this quote, but does it mean? This explanation about pain initially really confused me. I have since pondered over it on many occasions and it has really helped me in the way that I work with people... I very much consider everyone that I work with as an individual with different thoughts, memories,…

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How thoughts can help with pain relief

I have been working with a lady who has experienced persistent low back pain and right leg pain for many years, for a couple of months now and today she told me that despite her still experiencing pain she has adjusted her thought processes so she is able to do more - she now goes…

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How eating well can help with pain relief

How eating well can help with pain relief

I recently met with Alison Ritchie from Alison Joy Nutrition and Alison told me about her experiences of working with clients that experience pain as part of the reasons why they are working with her.  As chronic pain is thought to be a consequence of chronic inflammation within the nervous system Alison told me that…

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