I came to Pain Relief Physio as I had ongoing discomfort in one of my hips for around 4 years.  I’d tried a few different physiotherapists previously, but hadn’t fully resolved it. I enjoyed working with Hannah. She focuses on really trying to understand your symptoms and the impact they are having on you. I felt listened to, I trusted her advice, followed her rehabilitation recommendations and enjoyed the way Hannah coached me to have confidence in trusting my hip as the exercises strengthened and improved the symptoms.  I really appreciated Hannah’s warmth and genuine desire to help, whilst gently and effectively encouraging me in my rehabilitation. By the end I had the confidence to go on a 10km walk, which previously I wouldn’t have taken on (and my hip was fine!)  I would definitely recommend Hannah to friends and family.

Laura June 2023

I´ve suffered from chronic pain and migraines for many years, and have had phases when I started to get better, decided to start exercising, and then suffered demoralising setbacks. Often, when I  started doing exercises to build my strength, I would have pain flare ups that made me feel I was back at square one, or even worse off than before. I wanted to build my strength back up, but I knew I was going to need someone who could help me with both my body and my mind. Hannah helped me figure out what I wanted to achieve and to help me understand and pay attention to what my body was doing, and also what my “inner voice” was saying as I did the exercises. We started slow, and I never felt like I needed to rush or do anything more than what I felt I could handle. Hannah helped me realise that I am not fragile, or doing anything risky. She said, “you’re stronger than you think” and with her help I finally came to believe that about myself. I learned to trust my body. I am so grateful to Hannah for her kind words and demeanour, her listening, her knowledge and wisdom. I have come so far.  I am stronger than I think I am, and I am getting stronger still.

Patricia June 2023

Excellent assessment with in depth questions to get a comprehensive understanding of your issues before starting treatment. The consultation summery was great because you dont remember what your told at the time and the decent diagrams for exercise’s were very helpful.

Jenny May 2023

I’ve had quite a lot of experience of physiotherapy but have never encountered anyone who works like Hannah, or who is as good as her.  She doesn’t focus on what she can do for you (massage, manipulation etc) which most physios do – and which means you need to go back to them for endless visits (though she does do that too).  Instead, she spends a lot of time on assessment and diagnosis, and then makes a detailed plan on what we can do for ourselves to look after ourselves better.  I found her rehab plans to be sensible, achievable and clear (with videos etc which is standard).  The follow-up and review sessions were careful and caring, and the rehab plans were revised as we went along.  I now feel much more confident about avoiding and managing injury long-term.

Jean May 2023

I’ve had some issues/pain with my left hip, and after hearing some fantastic recommendations of how Hannah helped others with pain relief, I realised that’s a sign for me to talk to Hannah. We initially talked, and I felt I was in safe hands. We met at her clinic, and after an examination, I’m relieved to hear that it’s nothing serious. She kindly gave me some exercises to work through, and I’m excited to work on this hip and relieve some of the pain/numbness. Hannah has an extensive knowledge base and years of experience. This is a testament to her success and helping her clients. I highly recommend her as a physiotherapist to anybody who suffers from pain. Thank you Hannah.

Henriette May 2023

A week before a long planned family ski holiday I was suffering days of chronic lower back pain having picked up a heavy weight badly. It didn’t improve and I was beginning to think I would have to abandon the holiday. Hannah was recommended via a relative’s GP. After a thorough assessment and examination, Hannah ‘worked’ on my back and spine and then guided me through some exercises to follow daily. The relief was immediate. Following the exercises (kindly also emailed with YouTube video links) the holiday was problem free. Highly recommended.

Tony April 2023

I saw Hannah for a very bothersome issue with my hip, lower back, leg and knee which I had suffered with for a few months. Hannah quickly saw the connection and after a very thoughtful investigation provided me with some exercises and general corrections / pointers about my posture. Following that even just over a couple of weeks gave me such a great relief of pain and I can work on maintenance and continue to strengthen now. But being able to go through my working day almost pain free in just a few weeks is such a phenomenal relief. Thank you!

Nadja May 2023

I have been experiencing knee/leg pain on and off since damaging my cruciate ligament a few years ago. This flared up just over a month ago and I contacted Hannah. I have found her not only professional but caring. She is somebody who listens to you and then produces a custom made programme of exercises to follow as well as some manipulation and massage. I’m gradually improving and have found Hannah’s sessions extremely beneficial as well as helpful.

Anni April 2023

I contacted Hannah after realising I had stopped wanting to exercise or do many activities because of my worsening back pain and sciatica, which was making me feel very despondent about the future. I am used to being quite sporty and fit. She has a kind and considerate manner, is a great listener, and has helped me understand and cope with my symptoms by reaching a better understanding of what can affect chronic pain. We have worked together to start some simple achievable exercises, gradually adding to these as my pain and fitness has improved, which have become part of my daily routine, with flexibility about how many repetitions I do so I can fit them into what time I have. This has enabled me to try out activities again that I had stopped and wasn’t sure would ever return to, such as tennis, and long walks. Have just returned from St Ives where I swam in the sea, and managed hilly walks every day. I now feel more positive about coping with my symptoms, and being able to enjoy life’s opportunities!

Victoria March 2023

I am a violinist who was recommended to Hannah by a colleague. After months of serious headaches which didn’t improve with medication, I wanted to try physiotherapy. Hannah’s approach was to understand my history of headaches & when they happen. She then undertook a thorough examination into my natural sitting state vs holding the instrument state, looking & feeling for any tension & pain in both the affected & associated areas of complaint. After the initial consultation, Hannah put forward a treatment plan of physio to do with me, along with exercises I could do myself at home. After each session I’d acquired more freedom of movement in the affected areas & have been headache free since that 1st session. We have since moved on to tension & pain in other areas of my body & these complaints have also improved straight away. Hannah has been thorough in her work with me, & easy, pleasant company. She tries different methods until the right one works for each client. I don’t hesitate to recommend her services.

February 2023

“Hannah put an ad in Richmond Magazine basically saying that one should not have to put up with pain. There was always something one could do. And true to her word she introduced me to some exercises which made a huge difference to the pain in my knees (I have osteo-arthritis in my knees). She promised that the more I did the exercises, the stronger I would get and the pain would therefore lessen. I am in a much better place now: I control the pain accordingly, not the other way round. Also I walk quite a lot and that has been proven to control pain. Beforehand, I was taking Paracetamol a lot. Now I mostly do without. Occasionally I do have flare-ups and my knees feel really bad. But according to her that is normal with arthritis and will pass which it does. I am very glad I found Hannah as she has made a very big difference to my life as I do not want to have a knee operation. I think I will be ok. Last but not least, Hannah is a really lovely person full of understanding and kindness and has given me real hope.”

Patricia January 2023

While looking for a physiotherapist I found Hannah’s advertisement in a local magazine and we have been working together for a few months now.  I am very pleased in the way she has helped to alleviate my pain in the many exercises we have done together which are specific to my needs and which she emails to me after our meetings.  She always tries to find a way to help me overcome my difficulties and gives me great encouragement in helping me to reach my own goals.

September 2022 Sally

Hannah is a really gentle and knowledgeable Pain Physiotherapist who has taken me on despite a very long history of pain and surgery.  I am learning to change patterns of behaviour and do gentle exercises, to think much more about the other factors contributing to my pain.  I knew it wasn’t all physical but am finding new ways to get a better quality of life.  I can certainly recommend Hannah to anyone wanting to challenge their pain and feel more in control.

October 2022 Sally

I was referred to Hannah by my GP for neck and shoulder pain.  I appreciated the time she took to understand my issue and what could be its cause.  We agreed an exercise program in addition to some manipulation and massage and after a month the problem was resolved.  I have been left with exercises to do regularly which should prevent the problem from occurring again.

Deborah 14/10/22

Hannah – Thank you so much for the advice, exercises and explanation of what and where the pain triggers are and how I can limit the pain. You explained everything so I understood.

Niki November 2022

I have been seeing Hannah for approximately 6 months. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I suffer from Osteoarthritis and have been experiencing pain and discomfort for many years.  I had a hip replacement but unfortunately this also resulted in bursitis of the joint, and recently I was diagnosed with iliopsoas tendinopathy (a posh word for tight hip flexors!) My mindset about my discomfort and living with chronic pain hit an all-time low and I started to avoid exercise, became quite depressed and the weight piled on.  In the six months with Hannah, my mindset started to shift, I started to break down my old beliefs with the help of Hannah and now I play tennis, walk, started to cycle and manage my pain much more positively.  Hannah is incredible, her calming, understanding nature reassured me beyond any expectations – I think what is unique about Hannah is she uses a holistic approach covering everything – from head to foot.  Thank you, Hannah.

Marie November 2022

After having sprained my ankle, I was referred to Hannah Wilson by my general physician. Hannah provided a course of treatment that included a series of exercises to perform daily and a written summary highlighting the key points discussed after each session. Hannah’s knowledge, patience and emotional support aided in my recovery period. I was able to resume normal activities after 7 weeks which included going on long walks and attending my weekly hot yoga classes. I want to publicly thank Hannah for supporting me during this difficult period of time. November 2002

J.V. McCullough November 2002

After our initial telephone conversation I felt that Hannah was the physiotherapist for me; giving the impression that even though I had an injury that requires therapy,  I would be cared for as a whole person which was very much confirmed on our first session. Each session has given me the tools to be able to work on my recovery in a way that I know is tailored to me, my specific injury and my rehabilitation. Fantastic follow-up after appointments. Hannah is very thorough, caring, friendly and I feel ‘gets’ me as a person.  I cannot recommend enough. Hannah is very thorough.

Kathy, June 2022

Hannah is a very experienced physiotherapist, and that experience shows through in her holistic approach to both assessment and treatment. My knee now feels like new!

May 2022

Highly recommend Pain Relief Physio for a tailor-made experience to deal with whatever pain you might be suffering from.

May 2022

Hannah’s follow up, consultation and exercises were thoughtfully put together and she always checked in on my progress. As Hannah was able to explain well why certain exercises would help and what was going on with my body, I felt well positioned to follow the exercises on my own and saw results very quickly. Whenever I had a question, Hannah was always there to think through it together.

Feb 2022

Hannah is meticulous and highly thoughtful in her approach where anything is concerned; her work is no exception. Hannah has a great personal passion for her field and her research and approach to healing is distinguished by looking at the holistic picture of a patient, taking the view that pain is deeply personal and she varies her approach accordingly. She takes time to understand, asks insightful questions and arranges the work to fit with the patient’s goals and lifestyle.

Feb 2022

I searched for a musculoskeletal specialist rather than an orthopaedic surgeon to help me with my specific problems. I wanted to avoid surgical intervention if it could be avoided.  What Hannah did was to really listen to me and tailor a programme specific to my needs and abilities.  Since following her programme, I have achieved most of my goals which was to reclaim my mobility and fitness.

May 2022

Hannah was absolutely fantastic, really friendly and knowledgable. After only a few sessions I’ve felt a huge improvement. It was also great to receive a summary of the session and exercise plan with pictures and explanation that you can refer back to. Thank you!

April 2022