What is pain?

What is pain?

I really like this quote, but does it mean?

This explanation about pain initially really confused me. I have since pondered over it on many occasions and it has really helped me in the way that I work with people…

  1. I very much consider everyone that I work with as an individual with different thoughts, memories, understandings, experiences, and beliefs going on in our brains.  With regards to pain these all contribute to a unique neuromatrix for each of us.  Listening to people tell their story and understanding their beliefs and fears about their pain guides me as to how to help people overcome their pain.
  2. Listening to people tell their story helps me understand what systems are contributing to their pain and so guides me as to what treatment support, they need from me. I consider the different systems in our bodies, not just our tissues, such as the nervous system, endocrine system and the immune system as they are all involved in the pain experience and all present information to our brains.
  3. Understanding that it is our brains that interprets all this information and decides whether pain should be experienced demonstrates the mind-body connection. This knowledge, utilising the body’s neuroplastic nature, helps the brain move away from its unhelpful pain behaviours.  This results in the ability to overcome persistent pain, become fitter, stronger and healthier and gives the ability to live the life that you want.

I came across this quote again recently and I love the fact that I have spent ages considering this explanation of pain again – I find that understanding how pain is experienced in the body is so beneficial when working to overcome pain.

What is pain
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